Back to work, back to life

*Taps mic* I think this thing is still on, right?

So, it’s been an interesting few months. I left my freelance career for a full-time job, and that job let me go after a year. I thought an agent was interested in representing my book, but she apparently changed her mind before I ever sent her the revisions she requested. And I quit the critique group I’d been testing out over excessive mansplaining.

And that was just *September*.

I started rebuilding my freelance work, I sent out more queries, I submitted more short stories. I collected more rejections. Then I finally got Covid. Happy holidays!

(I’m fine. It was mild.)

So here I am, starting over in every way possible. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I got to do two library presentations last year and it was fun. I did finally catch up on my reading, including this fundraiser anthology, which is phenomenal, and this cool-as-heck Jewish anthology, which I joined the Kickstarter for. I’m waiting on a contract for a short story. I’ll spend the month planning out the year as I keep working to get my middle grade novel published. Plus the other short story and the novella I’m working on. You never know which seeds are going to sprout into something beautiful.

I hope you also have a creative January. Stay healthy out there.

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