Welcome! Let’s begin.

Previously, I had two sites. Now I have one. This will probably make my life easier.

One site was for my day job, meaning I talked about my published articles and editing work. The other was for fiction generally and my kidlit writing-querying life specifically. I thought it made sense to separate the two, especially since I still planned on using a pen name. But there is no pen name now. There’s just me. Why be unnecessarily complicated? (Though at least people could spell the pen name. Ah well.)

So sometimes I’ll post a link to an article, and sometimes I’ll post about writing fiction, and sometimes I’ll tell you about fantastic library finds, because I’m at the library so often that the children’s librarians recognize me and wave. I have no problem with this. I’m a librarian’s daughter.

And sometimes I’ll post a link to a story I wrote that wasn’t for kids. For instance, I have one in the new issue of Kaleidoscope, which is a literary magazine exploring the varied experiences of living with physical and mental disabilities (it’s published by United Disability Services in Akron, Ohio). They publish strong work, so please do read it all.