Editing services

In addition to the editing work I do for companies, I draw on my background in journalism and my love of working with writers to offer one-on-one editing services. I’m interested in all things imaginative, fantastical, and funny from middle grade to adult. I offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services, assisting with the smallest style fixes as well as the big-picture plot problems. As an editor, I understand the value of working collaboratively with everyone involved in the process, from writers to designers to production staff; as a writer myself, I understand how important it is to honor the author’s voice. I always meet deadlines, and I ensure that both author and publisher are satisfied with the results. To stay on top of industry trends and practices, I’m a member of SCBWI and ACES.

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I tailor my fee to each individual project, depending on what’s needed, but generally, the industry range for editing services can be anywhere between $500 and $1,500. I do offer an edit-letter-only option on manuscripts for $800. For more on industry rates, see the EFA’s editorial rate chart.

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Testimonials from previous and current clients are below: 

“Marlaina has been a strong addition to our team of copy editors for university music programs. She has a sharp eye for line editing, picking up the smallest typos and inconsistencies. Equally important, her fact-checking skills are top notch, and she regularly finds errors that some scholars miss. She works well with deadlines and is readily available to answer questions. Her work helps us to create professional, polished pieces.”

– Risa Barich, Rutgers University

“Marlaina Cockcroft was recommended to me by another writer. I already had someone editing my 118,000-word novel, but I wanted at least one more pair of eyes so I contracted with Marlaina to do copyediting. She did that and more.

“First of all, Marlaina was very professional, which I like because I knew exactly what I was getting and when it would be completed.

“Second, she went over my novel thoroughly. I wanted to cut out some words, and she found areas to cut, but also pointed out places that needed a few more details. I loved that she noticed that I kept using a particular word (I seem to have my favorites), and made suggestions so I could change it up.

“Finally, what I like best is that her comments and edits were so easy to read and understand. There was no place where I needed to contact her for an explanation. And I loved her suggestions. It was really helpful.

“Marlaina was very reasonable, too. I felt I really got my money’s worth and I will definitely use her again.”  

– Cynthia Woods, author

“I recently worked with Marlaina to edit my young adult novel—there was a tight deadline but she was able and willing to help me hustle to finalize edits before my deadline. Her edits were meticulous and thoughtful, and best of all, she kept in mind my character’s voice so as not to edit out her personality and mannerisms. I highly recommend Marlaina!” 

– Diana Falvo

“I had the great luck to meet Marlaina at my RWA writing chapter’s conference last year and can highly recommend her editing services. My latest WIP was a 135K hot mess. Marlaina carefully outlined plot holes, highlighted discontinuities, respectfully pointed out possible alternatives and made suggestions that showed she totally understood what I was trying to do (and more importantly what was keeping me from getting there). I look forward to working with her again.” 

– Anna Taylor Sweringen, writing as Michal Scott, author with Wild Rose Press